Types of on site Hospitals

Field dressing station: First level of care received by wounded soldiers and was located close to the fighting area. They were bandaged here and given whiskey for shock and morphine for pain. If they could not make it back to battle they were transported by ambulance or stretcher to a field hospital.(5)

dressing station
Civil War Dressing Station


Field Hospital: Located in a bar or tent at the rear of the fighting. Three categories of injuries; mortally wounded, slightly wounded and surgical cases. Most surgeries were amputations and took place here. Chloroform and ether were used as the primary forms of anesthesia. Most of the amputations performed were the result of Minie ball.(2)


Army Corps Civil War Field Hospital


Pavilion Hospital: Was a network of general hospitals created in both the North and the South because prior to the Civil War any system of hospitalization was unknown. At first existing buildings were used for hospitals but soon both sides constructed large pavilion style hospitals that contained surgeons, hospital stewards, both sexes of nurses, matrons, laundresses and volunteers. Had an 8 percent mortality rate. “ Daughters of Charity” large contributors to care of the sick and wounded.(5)


pavillion hospital
Pavilion Hospital Located in Davids Island, NY
Memphis Adams Hospital which was the old Worsham House Hotel on the corner of Adams and Main in Memphis Tennessee.