Civil War Medicine’s Influence

~Various advancements in medicine were made during the Civil War Era that have affected modern medicine and medical practices today. While medical technology, scientific knowledge and educational requirements have changed since the Civil War, the basic principles of especially military health care have remained the same. Providing enough supplies of medicine and equipment, rapid evacuation of the wounded and having medical personnel close by are advancements that were made during the Civil War that are also important procedures that must be used in medical military situations today. Almost always do these adopted and saved techniques find their way also into civilian health care which affects millions of people around the world.(7)

~Medical professionals, volunteers and military chiefs created a stepping stone for future medicine to build off of. Without the time crunch that they had to work with, some of the procedures that we perform today could take forever to complete. They had a mission to save lives, and while doing that they produced a template for modern medicine to begin.

Medical kit used during the Civil War
Some of the many medical personnel that set the platform for modern medicine